The Great Depression


The Great Depression

At a time when the entire modern world was in economic crisis; it would take creativity, will-power, and grit to overcome all the challenges that both the rich and poor faced alike. Students will discover the widespread historical lessons unearthed when turning the pages back in history to study the Great Depression.

Week 1: Economic Indicators, Causes, and Theories

Week 2: Stock Market Crash of 1929

Week 3: The Dustbowl & Herbert Hoover’s Policies

Week 4: Hoovervilles, Daily life in the city, and Daily life on the farm

Week 5: The First & Second New Deal

Week 6: The Great Depression Living Museum Student-Led Activity

Ages: 11-14

Days & Times: Wednesdays, 12:30 pm – 2 pm

Session Dates: December 5th – January 23rd

Price: $90

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