Friends, we know 2020 has been a very different year… to say the least. It’s a year marked by words like discomfort, uncertainty, loss, disappointment, unprecedented (raise your hand if you’re as tired of that word as we are!). You may feel stuck in these feelings, or you may be experiencing growth through these trials. Whatever your current feeling of 2020 is, one thing is sure:

In difficult times and in seasons like these, there is still so much goodness that surrounds us.

As the year is rounding a corner and coming to a close, we encourage you to take a moment to think back on this year; auditing the challenges and the changes, the good new things, the different way of doing things and any light that shined in the darkness. Have you experienced difficulty, and then have had someone came alongside you and lift you up? Have you felt discouraged, and a kind word reminded you that you can? Look at the new beautifully painted murals that plaster community walls and speak directly to our hearts. Recall the birthday car parades, ZOOM book clubs, and the ingenuity of small businesses and non-profits – each doing its part to fill the streets and homes near and far with goodness in different ways.

And you… you, too, have done good. You’ve made yourself more present in your homes. You’ve learned new ways to school and church and connect with friends, and you have kept up a positive attitude whenever you could. And, when you couldn’t put on a brave and smiley face, your family and friends stepped up and filled in the gaps.

There is goodness all around you. Though times are strange and “normal” seems like forever away, goodness has never left. It might look different and might be harder to come by, but it is there. Within your home, in the faces of your children, in the community that surrounds you, lookout for the good, wherever it shows up.

So, here is to you! For you are goodness, and you are surrounded by good. Be encouraged that more goodness is just around the bend. We believe in you and we want to celebrate goodness with you!

Checkout our latest social media post for a way to nominate others doing good in your circle so that we can celebrate them and maybe even bless a lucky do-gooder in a special way!