Family-Style Curriculum: Series 2

Embrace the beautiful journey of learning through our Family-Style Curriculum: Series 2. Investigate the workings and branches of our US GOVERNMENT. Understand the ECONOMICS behind money and business. Explore the science of FORCE & MOTION. Learn about how we aim for LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL through black history, immigration, and women’s rights. Appreciate our magnificent Earth through ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES.  

This full homeschool curriculum comes with FIVE 6-week long thematic learning units, EACH including:

An Instructor Guide for the parent containing:

  • A full materials list broken up by week
  • Weekly Literature
  • Weekly Nature Journaling activity
  • Weekly Composer Study
  • Weekly Invitations to Play
  • Weekly Invitations to Create
  • Weekly reading language arts Mini Lessons
  • Weekly guidance with Project-Based Learning
  • Unit-wide Empathy Experience Ideas

THREE leveled Student Workbooks for ALL of your reading language arts instruction, including:

  • Weekly Grammar Mini Lessons and practice pages
  • Weekly Mentor Sentence activities
  • Weekly Vocabulary Mini Lessons and practice pages
  • Weekly Comprehension Mini Lessons and practice pages
  • Weekly Writing Mini Lessons and practice pages
  • Nature Journaling and Composer Study pages
  • Project time recording sheets
  • End-of-unit reflection pages and coloring sheets

THREE leveled Appendices full of interactive learning games like:

  • Root Word Go Fish
  • Synonyms & Antonyms Spoons
  • Shades of Meaning Words in a Row
  • Rhyming Clip Cards
  • Storytelling Puppets
  • Suffix Shuffle
  • Metaphor Memory
  • and TRULY over 100 more!

THREE leveled Math Projects connecting math to real world learning, like:

  • Math-Tropolis Math Project
  • Taking Care of Business Math Project
  • Create a Theme Park Math Project
  • World Changers Math Project
  • Hazmat(h) Project

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