Select Your Series 2 Curriculum!

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Our Instructor Guides help you facilitate learning for the whole family! You get one (1) Instructor Guide for each of the five units. You only need one (1) bundle per year. Cost: $150 for the bundle.

Printed Instructor Guides: Series 2

Step 2: Pick leveled kit(s) for your children!

Our leveled Kits come with a Student Workbook, Appendix of games, and thematic math project per unit! The Primary Kit is best for children grades K-1st, the Post-Primary Kit is best for children grades 2nd-3rd, and the Comprehensive Kit is best for grades 4th-6th. Add as many to cart as you need! Cost: $250 for each kit.

Series 2 Primary Kit

Printed Primary Kit: Series 2

Series 2 Post-Primary Kit

Printed Post-Primary Kit: Series 2

Series 2 comprehensive Kit

Printed Comprehensive Kit: Series 2

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