Family-Style Curriculum: Series 3

Embrace the beautiful journey of learning through our Family-Style Curriculum: Series 3. Investigate the scientific MATTER that comprises our universe. Learn the components of MAPPING and how to use maps as a tool for exploration. Explore the science of NATURE AND ANIMALS. Understand the events, key figures, and intricacies of our AMERICAN HISTORY and WORLD HISTORY.

This full homeschool curriculum comes with FIVE 6-week long thematic learning units, EACH including:

An Instructor Guide for the parent containing:

  • A full materials list broken up by week
  • Weekly Literature
  • Weekly Nature Journaling activity
  • Weekly Composer Study
  • Weekly Invitations to Play
  • Weekly Invitations to Create
  • Weekly reading language arts Mini Lessons
  • Weekly guidance with Project-Based Learning
  • Unit-wide Empathy Experience Ideas

THREE leveled Student Workbooks for ALL of your reading language arts instruction, including:

  • Weekly Grammar Mini Lessons and practice pages
  • Weekly Mentor Sentence activities
  • Weekly Vocabulary Mini Lessons and practice pages
  • Weekly Comprehension Mini Lessons and practice pages
  • Weekly Writing Mini Lessons and practice pages
  • Nature Journaling and Composer Study pages
  • Project time recording sheets
  • End-of-unit reflection pages and coloring sheets

Access to our entire online Content Library, full of fun learning activities like:

  • Root Word Go Fish
  • Synonyms & Antonyms Spoons
  • Shades of Meaning Words in a Row
  • Rhyming Clip Cards
  • Storytelling Puppets
  • Suffix Shuffle
  • Metaphor Memory
  • and TRULY over 200 more!

THREE leveled Math Projects connecting math to real world learning, like:

  • Mad Scientist Math Project
  • Map Maker Math Project
  • Nature Lovers Math Project
  • Stock Exchange Math-opoly Math Project
  • World War Math Math Project

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