Homeschool Curriculum

Hear all about our curriculum from our founders!

Who are we?


We are a curriculum design team of INNOVATIVE parent-professional educators.


We have families of their very own and an INTENSE desire to do this parenting + teaching thing well in our own homes and classrooms.


We are a team of diverse, dynamic, + professional educators that are more than teachers… we are also PARENTS.

Our WONDER-Inspiring Family Strategy

We’re all looking for ways to introduce more wonder and joy into the lives of our children, make genuine connections with them, and create lasting memories together. Learning experiences can happen anywhere and anytime and are always better when done as a family!


Our 7 learning elements:

Our Family-Style Curriculum & Learning Experiences

How do we put this family strategy into action? Through our originally crafted Family-Style Curriculum and Learning Experiences! These three curricular options are designed to meet the needs of our diverse family audience, which means you are sure to find an option that fits your schedule and schooling type. Click below to start your wondrous journey!

Check our our blog posts for more information & inspiration!

Favorite Thing #2: Practical Tools

As a homeschooling parent, whether new or old (basically any parent at all, I know one thing is for sure... you have an abundance of STUFF. Lots and LOTS of stuff. And somehow, with each new school year, just like a national holiday, you seem to crazily collect and...

Favorite Thing #1: Community

If there is one thing you should never do alone, it's homeschool. Being a parent can be hard enough… but taking on the incredibly difficult (but absolutely worth-while) job of homeschooling may seem nearly impossible at times. It is necessary for you to surface every...

Your Favorite Things Giveaway!

Hey Homeschool Heroes! Our WonderHere Team is busy behind the scenes preparing for our HUGE curriculum release party, and we wanted to celebrate in a BIG way! So, while we know much of the parenting population is just easing into summer mode, us homeschooling mamas...

Art • What Makes Our Curriculum Different

Joseph Chilton Pearce once said, “To live a creative life, we must first lose our fear of being wrong.” Art has a way of making us think differently, see different perspectives, break through mental blocks, lessen our perfectionistic tendencies, and simply add color...

Peacefully Pace Your Home Education

“Live your life, relish ideas, wrestle. Remember, think, and converse. This is a curriculum you cannot buy, but your child’s heart and mind will feast on it for years to come.” - Sarah Mackenzie When beginning to develop this section, I am reminded of the words and...

What exactly IS our Family-Style Curriculum?

After years of teaching in the public-school system, we've encountered many different parents each asking themselves the same questions you are probably asking today. “Do we spend enough time together as a family?” “Are my kids learning EVERYthing they need to?” “Are...