A big part of creating a peaceful learning environment in your home depends on the actual physical space and what you can do with it. A kid-friendly learning space can happen anywhere! You don’t have to have a big house or even a designated room for homeschool. It’s all about working with what you have!  Here are 4 tips for making it happen!


Less is more! You want to make sure the space you choose as your homeschooling area is not overwhelming with too much. The goal isn’t perfection, the goal is space to think freely with minimal distractions. Rotating toys and books so that not everything is out all at once is also a helpful way to manage your space. Simple is key!


You want your space to feel warm and inviting. This could be a small nook in your home or a room dedicated specifically to learning at home. An organized ‘home base’ that is there to serve your kids is the goal! Soft lighting, appropriate temperatures, and your kids feeling a sense of ownership can help as well.  Keep in mind your home learning does not have to be strictly confined to this area! By all means head to the comfiest couch in the house to read and don’t forget to take your learning outside too!


Regardless of age, having the materials they need accessible to them is ideal for the learning space. Even for the little ones! Having toys they can reach and choose on their own can foster independence and free you up as well! When supplies are readily available for projects and creating and kids don’t have to come to you for every little thing, it gives a sense of ownership and pride! Of course, it is up to you what those supplies are!


Finding ways to keep your space inspiring is so important! Change it up as needed… you are not locked in to one certain way of having things set up! Setting out meaningful books in a way that the cover is showing to invite little hands to open it up! Post meaningful quotes and intentional thoughts on chalkboards or white boards. Visually display affirmations that speak to the current moment that you can change often. Pops of color can also be inviting to a child! Finding ways to make it tailored to your little people and reaching them through aesthetics that appeal to them and be a renewed source of inspiration for learning.

See some examples below of kid friendly learning spaces! Also, tag us in photos of your homeschooling rooms so we can share!




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