Our Story

WonderHere began as a conversation between us (Jessica & Tiffany), just a couple of teachers, on the sofa one evening in late 2015. We had worked together in various settings for several years, and knew how passionate each of us was about children, teaching, and the world of education. We also knew how disillusioned and frustrated we were becoming. We were waking up each day feeling like we had to teach against our philosophies. We began to dream of teaching in a way where the child was the focus; where their interests and curiosities drove the topics and pace of the class. We also realized the power of homeschooling and of partnering with homeschool families. Who knows a child better than their parents? There is something truly beautiful in a parent and teacher teaming up to give a child a personalized education.

Rather quickly, WonderHere transitioned from the dreaming  phase to the doing phase. We started hosting pop up classes at our church, and people came! We then began pre-registering, and people signed up! We then opened our doors, and people showed up! Our first year was truly great. We made a ton of great relationships, learned a lot, and most importantly got to help kids love to learn, too. Half way through our first year, we realized our potential… and that our space was too small. SO we decided to expand next door! August 2017, we opened our doors to our brand new 4,000+ square foot studio!

It has been a beautiful journey, and we are honored to be able to spearhead it. To get a deeper understanding of our journey thus far, check out our blog! WonderHere.com/blog.