Artist Trading Cards!


A.T.C. – Artist Trading Cards! Students will be creating their own trading cards with different supplies each week. On the front side of the cards, they must design artwork and then on the back they put their name, birthday, and an interesting fact about themselves. On the last week, they’ll get to trade with each other!

Week 1 – A.T.C. – Watercolors & Masking Tape Trading Card Designs

Week 2 – A.T.C. – Acrylic & Charcoal Trading Card Designs

Week 3 – A.T.C. – Liquid Watercolors Trading Card Designs

Week 4 – A.T.C. – Pastels & Gels Trading Card Designs

Week 5 – A.T.C. – Mixed Media & Paper Collage Trading Card Designs

Week 6 – A.T.C. – Sharpie Trading Card Designs & Trading Time!

Ages: 6-14

Days & Times: Fridays 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Session Dates: January 12th – February 16th

Price: $70

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