Beginning, Middle, Ending Digraph


The Beginning, Middle, Ending Digraph Clip Cards are a perfect and simple way for continuing digraph sounds with an emerging reader through beautifully hand-drawn illustrations! This includes 12 Clip Cards, reviewing digraph sounds: “th”, “sh”, “ch”, “ng”, and “ck”!

To prepare, print the cards out on card stock. Cut out and laminate the cards for durability. The goal is for the child to practice not only the digraph sound, but also isolating where it is heard when a word is read aloud. The child will say aloud each picture word on the card, then say aloud the digraph sound written on the card, and clip “beg” “mid” or “end” depending on where the digraph sound is heard in the word. For example; “three” /th/ is heard at the beginning of the word.


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