Sound House Choir Class


The majority of children learn the alphabet not by simply saying the letters but singing them. As children get older the power of singing in their lives can still be extremely beneficial. It can be used as a creative and fun way to increase enjoyment and achievement in subject areas where children normally struggle. Singing can be used as a tool to increase enjoyment and participation in a number of different subjects. Singing is, of course, not something that has to be done alone. Learning to work together in a group or choir can give children a sense of collectiveness and can help children make friends. Students will learn various singing techniques, how to take care of their voice, and will sing a repertoire of songs. The age appropriate repertoire will include various cultures and popular songs ranging from modern to past (ex: P.S. 22

Ages: 8-12

Days & Times: Fridays, 9 am – 10:30 am

Session Dates: August 17th – September 21st

Price: $100

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