Conversation & Celebration: a Guide for Embracing Diversity & Discussing Race


As parents, we dream BIG dreams for our children. We hope that they will grow to live the fullest, biggest, most beautiful lives that they can. We pray that these bright, brave, and kind children will grow to become bright, brave, and kind adults. And we want them to arrive to adulthood with the least number of bumps and bruises as possible. These are the hopes of all mothers and fathers. Black, white, and any color in between… the heart of the loving parent beats the same within each chest.

With the news amplifying the cries of the black community, parents outside of the black community across the nation are finally asking HOW can they engage in this important conversation with their children intentionally? How do we educate our children in a way that disrupts systemic racism and turns the heart of a generation towards embracing one another?

This grand responsibility to educate our children rightly can be overwhelming. But If you know us, you know we are all about placing practical tools in the hands of parents and educators. This guide will help you in your journey!

This guide includes:

  • family-friendly Conversations Cards
  • an Empathy Experience
  • ideas for involving your Mini (toddler age children)
  • Literature lists for both kids and adults
  • Music and Podcast recommendations
  • Invitations to Play & Create
  • a Family Pledge
  • and our beautifully hand-drawn diverse Paper Dolls from our Liberty & Justice for All Unit (being released July 2020)
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