“Far Out!” Planets


Calling all astronauts! Come with us on a six-week journey to outer space! We’ll be visiting each of the planets in our solar system (yes, even Pluto!) and exploring their unique qualities in an interactive hands-on way. Here’s a break down of what you’ll be learning each of the six weeks…

Week 1: The Sun (it isn’t a planet… but it’s what all the planets revolve around!)
Week 2: Mercury & Venus (it’s getting hot in here!)
Week 3: Earth & Mars (the ones with most potential for life)
Week 4: Jupiter & Saturn (the BIG one… and the one with all the rings!)
Week 5: Uranus & Neptune (brrrrr… the cold planets!)
Week 6: Pluto & other dwarf planets (hey, don’t forget about us!)

Ages: 5-7

Days & Times: Tuesdays, 12:30 pm – 2 pm

Session Dates: August 29th – October 3rd

Price: $90

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