Force & Motion Mini Unit (Digital)


Allow us to come alongside your family as you pursue a wonder-filled education for your children!  For the next six weeks, you and your children will learn all about force & motion, including topics like…

  • Pushes & Pulls

  • Magnets

  • Basics of Force & Motion

  • Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration

  • Gravity & Friction

  • Potential & Kinetic Energy

(Please see detailed description below).

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This digital Mini Unit includes:

  • Weekly Family Read Alouds
  • Unit-wide Project-Based Learning
  • Unit-wide Empathy Experience
  • Weekly Composer Study
  • Weekly Nature Journal
  • Weekly Invitations to Play
  • Weekly Invitations to Create
  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE learning community

Check out a preview of some of the activities!…


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