Medieval Times


Medieval Times

Knights, castles, and a coat of arms! Studying Medieval Times has never been more fun! Say “goodbye” to your same-old history lesson…. And say “hello” to educational fun in the shape of hands-on activities, crafts, read-alouds, and STEM challenges! This engaging course will bring Europe’s 5th-15thcenturies to life.

Week 1: Medieval Castles & Royalty

Week 2: Family Crest & Coat of Armor

Week 3: Chivalry, Weapons & Armor

Week 4: Catapults

Week 5: The Church

Week 6: Social Classes Medieval Feasts

Ages: 5-7

Days & Times: Thursdays, 2:15 pm – 3:45 pm

Session Dates: December 5th – January 23rd

Price: $90

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