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????’? ??? ?????????? ??????? ????????? This one-of-a-kind ????book was aptly named, in alignment with our learning methodology that children learn best through PLAY… even when learning to read. Hot off the presses after over 3 years in development by one of our very own Montessori-trained instructors and hand-drawn by our gifted illustrator comes a language program like you have never before seen… where your child will experience literacy through play and conversation! From pre-reader to fluent reading & text comprehension, our WonderHere Reading Playbook covers EVERY elementary language arts benchmark K-5!! (Scroll down for a list of all activities!).

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Every page within this program is intended to be cut out, manipulated, and played with.

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365 to be exact! Yesss . . . You read that right, it’s a beautifully comprehensive and complete language kit!

Learning to read is a rite of passage for a child. When it clicks, a new world opens up to them. Workbooks and flash cards don’t usher our children into this new world joyfully. Play and creativity are the keys that unlock the door to the beautiful world of literacy. With the WonderHere Reading Playbook, the ???. ??????. ????. And we think that should be easily accessible to all children, without the obstacle of cost!

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Try more play-based hands-on learning with our Mini Units, Prints, and Language Games, as well as our full Family-Style Curriculum! When your child discovers the beauty of learning through play, you won’t go back to a regular workbook program again!

No part of this file may be reproduced or transmitted outside of your immediate family in any form or by any means including (but not limited to) photocopying, recording, emailing, screen shots, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written consent from the author. Produced and copy-written by WonderHere.

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Pre-Reading Activities

  • Sequencing the Pictures
  • Story Cards
  • Finish the Pattern
  • Arrange By Size
  • X It Out!
  • Find Its Match

Pre-Writing Activities

  • Sandbox Writing
  • Pin Punching
  • Scissor Control

Play with Language & Rhyme

  • Rhyming Pictures Matching Game
  • Rhyming Words Matching Game

Letter Recognition

  • Roll the Dice!
  • Magnet Match
  • ABC Matching Game
  • Letter Search
  • Dig for the Letter!
  • Swat the Letter!

Learning to Write

  • The Writing in the Sand
  • Q-Tip Painting
  • Chalkboard Tracing
  • Play-Dough Writing

Letter Sounds & Beginning Words

  • Beginning Sounds Picture Sort
  • Beginning Letter Roll & Match
  • Building Words with the Movable Alphabet
  • Magic “e”, Letter Blends, & Digraphs
  • Magic “e”- Add the “e”
  • Magic “e”- Before & After
  • Letter Blends/Digraphs Picture Sort
  • Letter Blends/Digraphs Word Sort
  • Connect and Make a Word
  • Beanbag Letter Blend Toss
  • Puddle Blend Jumping
  • Blend and Build


  • Diphthong Picture Sort
  • Diphthong Word Sort
  • Diphthong Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Multi-Syllabic Words
  • Compound Word Matching Game
  • Mix & Match Compound Words Game
  • Match & Make Compound Words Game


  • Red Light, Green Light Punctuation Style
  • Popsicle Punctuation
  • Punctuation Sort
  • Comma Sort
  • Capitalization Sort
  • Contractions Sort
  • Contractions Memory Match

Concepts of Sentence

  • Parts of Speech Word Sort
  • Parts of Speech Sticks
  • Conjunction Addition

Synonyms, Antonyms, & Figures of Speech

  • Synonym Word Sort List #1
  • Synonym Word Sort List #2 (for Synonym Go Fish)
  • Antonym Word Sort List #1
  • Antonym Word Sort List #2 (for Antonym Go Fish)
  • Figures of Speech Definitions
  • Figures of Speech Sort

Utilizes Text Comprehension Strategies

  • Text Comprehension Strategies Definitions
  • Literacy Board Game

Reads A Variety Of Literature

  • Reading Bucket List

Want a printed Reading Playbook shipped right to you?

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