Rhyming Pair Memory


Rhyming Pair Memory is another great activity for practicing rhyming words, this time through the structure of a familiar game! Includes 32 cards with words and hand-drawn illustrations.

Prepare by cutting out all 32 cards. Laminate for durability and extended use. The objective is to gain the most cards by finding rhyming pairs. Shuffle the cards then lay them out face down in an 8×4 array. You may also decide to play with less cards, just make sure that the ones you are playing with all have a matching pair.

Each person takes a turn turning over two cards, looking for a rhyming pair. Say the word printed on the card and represented by the picture. If the cards are a match, they get to keep the two cards, placing them in a separate pile off to the side, and then take one additional turn. If the cards are not a match, they must turn the cards back over and it moves on to the next player’s turn. Encourage your child to try to remember where the cards are as the game progresses! The winner of the game is the person who has the most pairs after all cards have been collected.


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