Spanish II


Spend six more weeks exploring the Spanish culture and language! Play games, try foods, spend some time in immersion lessons (where only Spanish is spoken), and have fun!

*students DO NOT need to have taken Spanish I to enroll*

Week 1: Greetings, speaking Spanish when traveling, using para and a, numbers 1-10.

Week 2: Speaking Spanish when staying with a friend, using es and esta, numbers 11-20.

Week 3: Introducing oneself & social situations, Spanish verbs, numbers 21-30.

Week 4: Speaking formal Spanish with elders, using tu and usted, numbers 31-40.

Week 5: Shopping for food and basic items, asking can I haveand have you got? numbers 41-50.

Week 6: Ordering food from a restaurant, regular verbs in -er, -ir, numbers 51-60.

Ages: 5-10

Days & Times: Wednesdays, 12:30 pm – 2 pm

Session Dates: October 17th – November 28th

Price: $90

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