Story Starter Dice


Children, by nature, are vivid storytellers, especially young children! Help your child hone in this skill with these Story Starter Dice! Includes six dice, each with with six colorful, hand-drawn illustration.

To prepare, print the template for the dice on cardstock. Cut each dice out, but be careful to only cut along the outside solid lines. Fold along the dotted lines to form a cube. Tuck in the tabs. Tape to secure it all together.

Objective: To build a story using the pictures on the dice for inspiration. First, roll a die. Use the picture that you roll to begin a story. Roll again. Use the picture that you roll to continue the story. Keep rolling until you feel like your story is finished. Use a different die each time you play, to keep the story ideas fresh, or combine the use of all dice for endless possibilities!

If playing with multiple players, give each one a die. One person rolls and begins the story. The next person rolls and continues where the last person left off. Keep it going until everyone has had a turn or the story comes to an end.

For children not yet reading and writing independently, have them tell the story verbally, either recording them or writing it down for them. For children who are able, encourage them to write down their story.


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