“A Tale of Two Cities” Novel Study


In a small group of students ages 11-14, take a step back in time to 18th century London and Paris through the historic novel of “A Tale of Two Cities”. Through hands-on activities, book talks, and debate and discussion, students will gain a deeper understanding of the French Revolution.

Week 1: Introduction to Charles Dickens and the French Revolution

Week 2: Book the First: Recalled to Life Chapters 1-6

Week 3: Book the Second: The Golden Thread Chapters 1-13

Week 4: Book the Second: The Golden Thread Chapters 14-24

Week 5: Book the Third: The Track of a Storm Chapters 1-15

Week 6: “A Tale of Two Cities” movie & party

Ages: 11-14

Days & Times: Wednesdays, 2:15 pm – 3:45 pm

Session Dates: October 17th – November 28th

Price: $90

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