Terrarium Diagram


As you and your child learn about the layers of our Earth this week, you will actually get your hands in the earth to gather items and make your very own Terrarium! The word “terrarium” comes from the root word terra mean¬ing land and the suffix arium, usually denoting a place.

First, gather the following materials: a clear or glass container, a plant that can grow in low light, small rocks or pebbles, moss, soil, and activated char¬coal (optional). The activated charcoal filters toxins and bacteria from the soil and water and keeps bad odors away.

Add 1-2 inch of small rocks or pebbles to your glass container. Add activated charcoal on top of small rocks or pebbles. Add moss, and then potting soil. Plant the plant that you found. Water the terrarium regularly. Finally, decorate the outside of the terrarium if you’d like!

Keep track of your plant’s growth and health in a notebook or journal!



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