World War 2 & The Holocaust


Through articles, books, hands-on activities, group discussions, research, videos, reenactments, and more… students will take a close look at the timeline of World War 2, the horrors of the Holocaust, and the political and social ramifications of this war.

Week 1: Events Leading up to WW2, German Invasions, and German military tactics

Week 2: The Axis vs. Allies, and Pearl Harbor

Week 3: Propaganda and Life During WW2

Week 4: “The Diary of Anne Frank” Readers Theatre & The Holocaust

Week 5: D-Day, Negotiations, the Atomic Bomb, and Surrenders

Week 6: WW2 Informational Lapbook Creation

Ages: 11-14

Days & Times: Wednesdays, 12:30 pm – 2 pm

Session Dates: October 17th – November 28th

Price: $90

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