Reading FUNdamentals

Are you a homeschool parent of a K-1st grader wanting to outsource the subject of reading language arts to us? Let us teach your children reading through fun, hands-on, game-based learning experiences! Your child will also get to participate in free play, choice activities to get their creativity flowing, and will have the opportunity to learn in community with their peers!

What is the Reading FUNdamentals program?

  • Our Reading FUNdamentals program is designed for children in the general grade levels or ability levels of Kindergarten and 1st grade who are curious, innovative, cooperative, and would thrive in a structured, play-based environment. The goal is to teach students the fundamentals of reading through fun, hands-on, meaningful, play-based instruction and activities.
  • The Reading FUNdamentals Program utilizes the studio-designed homeschool curriculum, which will begin release in the summer of 2019 for public purchase. In the creation of this curriculum, the WonderHere Curriculum Development Team has adopted the Finnish National Core Curriculum.
  • This program meets Tuesday-Thursday 8:30 AM- 12:00 PM.
  • This course focuses on the following reading skills:
    • Focus on reading for enjoyment
    • Focus on letter recognition
    • Focus on phonemes and letter blends
    • Focus on multi-syllabic words
    • Focus on the significance of text in daily life
    • Focus on sound, letter, syllable, word, sentence, terminal punctuation, heading, text, and image
    • Focus on text comprehension
    • Focus on word choice and word meaning in context
    • Introduced to different languages to develop language awareness
    • Play with language and rhyme
    • Develops reading and writing skills through play and functional exercises
    • Focus on creativity and imagination in storytelling
    • Focus on participating in group discussions
    • Focus on the production of own texts
    • Participates in games and activities to develop fine motor skills.


What is my role as the parent?

  • With any family enrolled in part-time or full-time programs at WonderHere, the parent is recognized as the director of their child’s education and primary expert of their child.
  • Using the WonderHere created and innovative Design Curriculum Canvas, parents will use this WH canvas template alongside our teachers to direct and inspire the course of instruction for their child. As parents meet with their child’s teacher approximately every 6 weeks, this canvas will be redesigned by the WH team and parents with the child gradually more involved in making academic decisions for individual student.
  • Though this program provides an extensive amount of reading instruction, the growth and progress of your child will require consistent and reasonable parent support to follow the time spent at WonderHere. Information on the activities and skills to be focused on per child will be provided by the instructor. This program is designed to support the learning that occurs at home and should not be the only learning instruction your child receives. No math, science, or history instruction will be provided through this program. Parents have the option of purchasing additional curriculum through WonderHere at the discounted rate. You are also encouraged to couple this program with selective Enrichment Courses.
  • Parents interested in purchasing the additional subject areas of WonderHere Curriculum, will be provided curriculum at a 40% discount.
  • All parents with children participating in the Reading FUNdamentals program are required to volunteer 1 hour a month in the classroom. Failure to make this a priority may result in your child being released from the program. Parent collaboration is essential to the success of this program and is necessary for the establishment of classroom culture and community.


How do you measure and monitor student growth and progress?

  • WonderHere believes assessment has a place in the educational process when it does not interfere or hinder learning to happen and love of learning to grow. WonderHere uses alternative and various forms of authentic assessments to gauge student progress and guide an individual child’s movement along their learning journey. Each of our teacher selected and created assessments focus are focused on the whole child, child-centered, and interaction-rich. Examples of the type of progress monitoring tools utilized and embedded within the learning process are:
    • Portfolios with regular parent reviews and student-directed conferences
    • Performance assessments where students complete games and projects that utilize detailed and specific rubrics
    • Self-assessments and self-reflection where the student becomes more self-aware and increases in ownership of personal growth
    • Teacher observation and 1:1 instruction
  • The Reading FUNdamentals program is not a “public school-readiness” program and is not paced to “keep up” with Florida State Standards or to prepare students for state standardized assessments. This program is intentionally designed at a peaceful pace.


What is the cost for TheReading FUNdamentals program?

  • Annual Tuition of $2,950 & Annual Registration Fee of $150.
  • Tuition is broken up into 10 monthly payments throughout the course of the school year.
  • The registration fee covers the cost of materials for the school year, therefore there is no supply list the family is responsible for.


Next Steps

  • Complete our New Student Application below.

  • Upon submission of application, we will contact you to schedule a trial day for your child, as well as a family interview.

  • Space is very limited and student selection will be carefully decided based on the child’s ability to learn kindly and collaboratively with their peers, as well as have a strong work ethic and desire to progress in their abilities.
  • Upon acceptance, an annual registration fee is required to be paid in full to officially secure your child’s spot.