The Farm

We’re moving to a farm!

Why move?

Simple: our current space cannot contain our vision.

  • Lack of green space
  • Lack of natural light in classrooms
  • Limited play space
  • Small learning spaces
  • Busy road
  • Lack of alternate space for parents & siblings
  • Lack of meeting space for assemblies and community events
  • Safety concerns with Downtown access
  • Limited ability to utilize full WonderHere curriculum
  • Limited opportunities for children to have flexible learning space
  • Maxed out space for creative activities for instructors
  • Lack of space for class collaborative learning
  • Maxed out opportunity to expand vision

This move will allow us to…

Make more space for PLAY

Imagine plentiful room for both indoor and outdoor play, with strategically and beautifully designed spaces for all sorts of play – structured play, free play, nature-inspired play. The possibilities are endless. 

Make more space for LEARNING

Envision a beautiful schoolhouse for our WonderHere Academy and stunning studio for our homeschool programs… every corner outfitted for intentional learning, project time, and so much more.

Make more space for NATURE

At the farm, nature is abundant! 10 acres of wooded area, plush lawn, and green pastures surround this beautiful property, and will help inspired nature-based learning every day.

We want YOU to be a part!