You wear many hats. Mom. Dad. Sibling-Referee. Bus-Driver. Entertainer. Chef. Night-Time Wrangler. Housekeeper. So many hats. But here you are, smiling (perhaps nervously or with naïve (or knowing) excitement), to take on one more still. Teacher.

People shake their heads, because they don’t understand you, don’t trust you can do it well, and worry for your sanity. But you adorn your head with this instructor-hat all the same. Why? Because you fear the alternatives or because you have experienced the other choices and ran for hills? Or maybe, just maybe, it is because your tender mama/daddy heart is longing for something different- something more- for your family… more time together.

So, you rock that instructor-hat and keep your eyes forward, knowing the goals are attainable, the reasons are worth it, and you know your children better than anyone else.

What qualifies you to do this work? Could it be diapers you changed, the nights awake you weathered, the boo-boos you bandaged, and the tears you wiped? Could it be the love you pour out or the under-the-bed monsters you vanquished in the dark? Or perhaps it is that altogether superior title you were given that was chosen for you beyond degree, vocation, or institute that qualifies you assuredly. The precious title of parent.

At the beginning of time and long, long before education became institutionalized, that title of mama/daddy… that parent title was all the degree necessary for one to be crowned with the hat of a teacher. Because they knew then what society now seems to forget, that no one can know about a child and no one can do for a child what a loving and intentional parent can.

You, yes you, have all the skills and gifts and talents packed generously within yourself to be fully equipped for the work that lies ahead, the work of the many hat-wearing homeschool parent.

And we are your biggest fans! We believe in you and are cheering you on. We aim to be a resource and support for you as you go about this beautiful work.

Here’s to you!