CHILDHOOD Conference

An education conference for families and schools.
Prioritizing childhood, redefining normal. 

Gather with us April 19-20, 2024 for


with leaders, educators, and parents.


Who’s this conference for, you ask? It’s for anyone wishing to recapture the wonder of childhood despite what society deems “normal”.

It’s for educator entrepreneurs wanting to join the movement of learning done differently and start their own co-op, microschool, etc!

It’s for teachers wishing to enact change within their very own classrooms.

It’s for parents chasing educational freedom for the children.


Because “standardized” is not normal… “personalized” is.

Because “apart from family” is not normal… “together” is.

Because “within the same four walls all day” is not normal… “out and about in the world and in nature” is.

Because of these things…

YOU are invited to CHILDHOOD 2024.

Come join us at the WonderHere Farm in Lakeland, Florida for an intimate gathering of like-minded humans. This is not your typical education conference. Not only will you enjoy riveting speaker sessions, you’ll get some much needed downtime… connecting with others, enjoying nature, and soaking it all in.

Come create something new for your family and your community.

All for the sake of CHILDHOOD.



Glen & Yvette Henry
More about Glen & Yvette!

An introverted-extrovert, taurus, Enneagram 4, and stubborn homebody, Glen thrives off being creative. It’s why he shines making videos on his YouTube channel and coming out with new music. Yvette, on the other hand, is a social introvert, gemini, enneagram 3, and life-long learner who deeply enjoys the great outdoors (scenic hike, anyone?!). While we can be complete opposites at times, we have mutually submitted to God’s plan in our union and bring out the best in one another. Together, we’re always down to enjoy Netflix and chill, get a little competitive playing tennis, board games, and cards, and experience new things such as traveling to a new place or trying new foods at a local restaurant. 

Torrie Oglesby
More about Torrie!
Torrie Oglesby is a homeschooling mama, speaker, YouTuber and founder of her community, THE WOMANHOOD. She is a woman on a mission to encourage and uplift other women by building community. Through THE WOMANHOOD community, Torrie has created an affordable resource to help mothers acheieve goals, grow together and learn to nurture and honor themselves. She’s a coffee drinking, podcast binging, book loving woman who would enjoy nothing more than a hot cup of coffee, meaningful conversations and teaching women about their freedom in Christ. 
Stephanie Radcliffe
More about Stephanie!

Stephanie Radcliffe is the founder of Stories Begin At Home, which is “has an eclectic homeschool & learning at home approach & is inspired by a variety of different learning philosophies & methods.”

Stephanie lives in Orlando, FL, and has been married to her husband Wes since 2009 and is mother to five her children. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Child Development & teaching certifications for a variety of subject areas.

Instagram: @storiesbeginathome

Paola McGarvey
More about Paola!

Paola McGarvey is a bilingual blogger and content creator. As a young immigrant, she found Florida to become home after finishing her undergrad in psychology as an international student from Paraguay and meeting her husband Christopher. She’s since then worked at the collegiate level as a Principal Designated School Official with Immigration Services assisting other international students from all over the world in their journey of coming to the U.S. for college, as well as written for several different local magazines and blogs, including her own.

Above anything else, Paola is blessed to be a wife and mom of three beautiful bicultural children. She hopes to continue inspiring other moms and multicultural families through content creation and connecting on social media.

Instagram: @paolajoannblog

Johnny Outing
More about Johnny!

Johnny Outing is a 5th grade educator, preaching elder for his church, and writer.

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading books and binge watching obscure television shows.

He is married to his best friend Alicia and has a daughter and a son.

Instagram: @mr.outing

Griselda Valdes
More about Griselda!

Griselda is a mother, grandmother, former educator, and writer of poetry. As a Cuban immigrant who raised first generation Cuban-Americans, she is passionate about education, literacy, and service. She’s been married to her husband for 35 years, and has three children and four grandchildren. 

Amanda Thenor
More about Amanda!

Amanda is an educator trained and experienced in the Montessori method and is part of the core WonderHere founding team. She is a wife and a mother to four boys. She currently leads WonderHere’s events and is part of the staff support team. She is a homeschool mama and expert cookie baker!

Tiffany Thenor
More about Tiffany!

Tiffany Thenor is the co-owner and co-founder of WonderHere. After graduating from Southeastern University with her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, she taught in a Title 1 School for 7 years before her passion for education and strong desire to see learning done differently led her on the path to launching WonderHere with her best friend, Jessica. Married to her college crush, Jeffrey, together they have three wonderful and busy little ones: Jeremiah, Ezra, and Tahlia. When she isn’t writing curriculum, blogging, or leading her team at WonderHere; she is decorating, homeschooling her children, exploring, and writing just for fun.  Everything she does and everything she is is for the Lord and she is grateful for everyday that she is here to serve her community. 

Jessica Zivkovich
More about Jessica!

Jessica Zivkovich is co-owner and co-founder of WonderHere. She has 10 years of teaching experience, as well as her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in education from Southeastern University. She also carries teaching endorsements in reading education and ESOL. Her favorite part of WonderHere is seeing kids’ eyes light up when they’re learning, and also getting to be in community with some amazing families. She truly considers it to be a dream come true. Jessica is married to her college sweetheart, George, and has two sweet sons – Evan and Louie – and a furry Labradoodle named Henry. In her downtime, she enjoys reading fiction books, writing on her blog, spending time on her family’s farm, and simply being with the people she loves.



For the Education Leader / Teacher

  • How to start a school 
  • Alternate ways for Progress Monitoring 
  • Project Based learning for a generation prepared for the tech and idea era ahead 
  • Increasing 
  • Autonomy Yields Independent Learners  
  • No More Desks: An argument for flexible seating 
  • Nature Science: The research based power of outdoors time for kids and mental health correlations 
  • Relationship over Curriculum  
  • Personalizing Education

For the Parent Educator

  • Portfolio Evaluations 
  • Step-up for Schools Q/A 
  • Project-based Learning: how to incorporate it in your home 
  • Play-based learning 
  • Different Styles of Education: What’s the right-fit for me?
  • Education Empowerment Panel 
  • Grit 
  • Math for Middle/High



for educators


We invite you to come to CHILDHOOD a day early (INVITATION ONLY)! If you’re a teacher, educator leader, microschool administrator, or someone curious about starting their own education movement (or their own WonderHere!), join us for this lunch-&-learn-style Pre-Conference!

When: Thursday, April 18, 9:00AM – 1:00PM

Where: The WonderHere Farm

What’s included:

  • Group tour of WonderHere Farm & School in action
  • Lunch & Learn with other microschool leaders & WonderHere team
  • Workshop led by Jessica & Tiffany on the journey of WonderHere + information on the new process to bring WonderHere to your hometown!

Cost: Free (lunch cost not included, details coming soon)

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