CHILDHOOD Conference 2025

a weekend championing educational change

Gather with us April 4-5, 2025

An education conference for families and schools.
Prioritizing childhood, redefining normal. 

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Who’s this conference for, you ask? It’s for anyone wishing to recapture the wonder of childhood despite what society deems “normal”.

It’s for educator entrepreneurs wanting to join the movement of learning done differently and start their own co-op, microschool, etc!

It’s for teachers wishing to enact change within their very own classrooms.

It’s for parents chasing educational freedom for the children.


Because “standardized” is not normal… “personalized” is.

Because “apart from family” is not normal… “together” is.

Because “within the same four walls all day” is not normal… “out and about in the world and in nature” is.

Because of these things…

YOU are invited to CHILDHOOD 2024.

Come join us at the WonderHere Farm in Lakeland, Florida for an intimate gathering of like-minded humans. This is not your typical education conference. Not only will you enjoy riveting speaker sessions, you’ll get some much needed downtime… connecting with others, enjoying nature, and soaking it all in.

Come create something new for your family and your community.

All for the sake of CHILDHOOD.