Ages 5-9



learn & play


learn & play


We invite your child to come chase wonder! These carefully crafted programs are designed to reach your child as they navigate the Preoperational & Concrete Developmental Stages.

At this stage, children learn best through activities that emphasize fine and gross motor movement, social and emotional intelligence, language development, critical thinking, logic and reasoning, problem-solving, creativity, and practical life skills.

What does this look like practically at WonderHere? It means learning through…

  • Partnership with parents
  • Gentle introduction to core learning skills and concepts
  • Hands-on activities
  • Following the child’s lead
  • Kindness and cooperation with friends
  • Connection with nature
  • Play and projects
  • Real world applications

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Fridays & Saturdays

Wanting to host a birthday party or private event for your little one at the WonderHere Farm?

Well, you can!

The WonderHere Farm is the perfect gathering place for friends and family to celebrate your event. Learn more about our party hosting and rental options…

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WonderHere does not issue refunds for programs. If you purchase a class and would like to cancel, we will issue you a credit to use for other classes, events, or curriculum. If you are not sure whether you want to commit to a class, we recommend trying the class out using a Class Pass.