Unit Studies

Play-and-project-based Unit studies for the whole family! Learn science and history concepts through hands-on learning that promotes family-togetherness.

These six-week Unit Studies are designed to bring forth the love of learning in any child! Inspired by Finnish education, as well as Reggio Emilia and Montessori methodologies, these Unit Studies provide the perfect mix of fun and routine that will keep learning exciting for the child and also stress-free for the parent. Every Unit Study is thematic according to its over-arching science or history concept. Every activity and learning routine will tie back to that theme. This cross-curricular design helps to engage all learning styles. Here’s what you can find in every Unit Study:

  • A full materials list broken up by week
  • Weekly Literature
  • Weekly Nature Journaling activity
  • Weekly Composer Studies
  • Weekly Invitations to Play
  • Weekly Invitations to Create
  • Weekly guidance with Project-Based Learning
  • Unit-wide Empathy Experience Ideas

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Renaissance Unit Study (coming soon!)

Industrial Revolution Unit Study (coming soon!)

Major Wars Unit Study (coming soon!)

Heredity & Genetics Unit Study (coming soon!)

Light, Heat, & Sound Unit Study (coming soon!)

Personal Finance Unit Study (coming soon!)

Our Solar System Unit Study (coming soon!)

Westward Expansion Unit Study (coming soon!)

Earth Unit Study (coming soon!)

Conservation Unit Study (coming soon!)

Chemistry Unit Study (coming soon!)

Black History Unit Study (coming soon!)

Colonial Times Unit Study (coming soon!)

Careers Unit Study (coming soon!)

Immigration Unit Study (coming soon!)


Q: What ages are the Unit Studies for?

A: Unit Studies are best for ages 5-12, however the activities can be modified for younger and older children. The hope is that your family can learn these concepts all together, enjoying the activities at different learning levels.

Q: Do I need extra materials other than the Unit Study itself?

A: Yes, due to the hands-on nature of the activities you will need to gather some materials. Many of the materials are common household items or can be easily located at a dollar store. The weekly books can be purchased, of course, but another option is borrowing from your local library or using an e-book/audiobook app. At the beginning of each Unit Study, you will find a detailed Materials List broken down by week.

Q: Does the Unit Study come digitally or printed?

A: When you purchase the Unit Studies a la carte, they will come to you as a PDF download. If you’d like printed Unit Studies, you may be interested in joining our monthly membership for printing perks and more! (Membership printing options beginning in July 2022). 

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We do not issue refunds on digital products.

Q: Can I see a sample Unit Study?

A: Absolutely! Simply click the “Get Free Samples” button above!

Q: Are your Unit Studies religious?

A: Our Unit Studies do not have a religious foundation and religion is not mentioned.