Black Culture Anthology (2nd Edition): Digital


This Black Culture Anthology is for YOU . . . whether you are black, white, brown, or anything else. There is room for you at this table and you are invited into the conversation. Our aim, through this Anthology, is that your family grows in cultural-awareness as you focus on all the beauty and wonder within Black culture and other cultures, as we continue to develop this series of curriculum to celebrate cultures around the world. Through this Anthology, make memories as a family that will connect you to one another and to others different from and similar to you; build a bridge into our shared history and windows into others.

Enjoy expertly written articles, invitations to create, recipe shares, research challenges, opportunities for intentional reflection, poetry study, and more!

Receive the Black Culture Anthology set as a direct download for your personal family use. Begin the process of growing in cultural-awareness and bridge building today.

What’s Included? 

  • 123-page magazine-style Black Culture Anthology (downloadable PDF)
  • Child’s Companion Guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Accompanying Board Game and Paper Doll Patterns (downloadable PDF)​

Cost: $29.00

*Available as an immediate download.

*Be sure and read the TERMS OF USE.


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