Weather & Climate Unit Study


Phenomena, by definition, is “a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.” The WonderHere Method focuses on Phenomena Based Learning in order to emphasize those two italicized words: observe and question.

And what better natural phenomena to observe and question than the daily weather and climate we experience all around us! Pleasant weather to extreme weather… it’s fascinating to learn what causes certain weather patterns and how the Earth’s position and behavior affects the weather.

For the next six weeks, you and your children will explore and learn about all things WEATHER & CLIMATE! They will be diving into topics like…

Week 1: Weather

Week 2: Climate

Week 3: Water Cycle

Week 4: Clouds

Week 5: Extreme Weather

Week 6: Meteorology

This Unit Study is written to you – the parent, the expert on your child. As you read through the information and activities each week, remember you have the freedom and power to adjust it and make it work for YOUR family. Homeschooling is not “school at home”… it’s a lifestyle, a posture of constant learning and growing.

Be encouraged, moms and dads! Your child is a problem solver, community-minded, a courageous learner, filled with wonder, and capable of much… and so are YOU! We are here to help you be their best teacher. We’re rooting for you!


Subject: Science

Ages: 5-14

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