Plants & Animals Unit Study


We are honored and thrilled that you’ve chosen us to come alongside your family as you pursue a wonder-filled education for your children! For the next six weeks, you and your children will explore and learn about habitats, plants, animals, and nature! This learning may cause your child to have some wonders along the way… champion them to pursue those wonders. Remember, YOU are their greatest cheerleader!

This unit’s Invitations to Play and Create have been specially designed to spark creativity, encourage play, and develop a love of learning with in your child. To us, that’s just as important as the reading and math lessons and activities!

Speaking of! Our Language Arts and Mathematics activities are based on Finland’s acclaimed learning benchmarks and encourage deep and critical thinking, without losing that sense of play and curiosity. Remember that our First Things First guide is there to help you navigate our foundational learning elements that make our curriculum unique!

Be encouraged, moms and dads! Your child is a problem solver, community-minded, a courageous learner, filled with wonder, and capable of much… and so are YOU! We are here to help you be their best teacher. We’re rooting for you!


Subject: Science, Plants & Animals

Subtopics: Animal Habitats, Animal Life Cycles, Plants Life Cycles, The Food Chain, Ecosystems.

Ages: 5-12

Format: Downloadable PDF

Cost: $12

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