Continents & Cultures Unit Study


We are honored and thrilled that you’ve chosen us to come alongside your family as you pursue a wonder-filled education for your children! For the next six weeks, you and your children will embark on a great journey as you explore our seven continents and their vastly different, yet beautiful countries, cultures, and customs.

The texts and literature have been hand-picked to allow your child to dive deeper into this unit’s theme, while being exposed to quality fiction and non-fiction texts. This unit’s Invitations to Play and Create have been specially designed to inspire creativity, encourage play, and develop a love of learning within your child. The Nature and Composer Studies are sure to speak to different learning modalities, and the Empathy Experiences are meant to help remind your child about the bigger world that is out there.

Regardless of the core curriculum you use, our hope is that this Unit Study sparks a sense of wonder in your child, and that you feel empowered to chase that wonder! Encourage your child to record and reflect on their learning throughout using the Student Pages at the end of this Mini Unit.

Be encouraged, moms and dads! Your child is a problem solver, community-minded, a courageous learner, filled with wonder, and capable of much… and so are YOU! We are here to help you be their best teacher. We’re rooting for you!


Subject: History, Continents & Cultures

Subtopics: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, & Antarctica

Ages: 5-12

Format: Downloadable PDF

Cost: $12

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