Hey Homeschool Heroes!

Our WonderHere Team is busy behind the scenes preparing for our HUGE curriculum release party, and we wanted to celebrate in a BIG way! So, while we know much of the parenting population is just easing into summer mode, us homeschooling mamas and dads are up to our ears in new school year prep.

Well, put down your sticky-noted and highlighted homeschool planners and walk away from that laser-ink jet printer… because we have prepared for you a list of MUST-HAVES that will help launch you into new homeschool year bliss. And, guess what!!! We are going to be giving away EVERYTHING on our list to a few lucky home educators… maybe even YOU!

Before we unbox our beautiful and intentional new Family-Style Curriculum for you in just a few short days live during our Curriculum Launch Party on July 12th, let’s spend the next few days together reminding ourselves what we need, why we do what we do, and how we can support one another as we serve our children with our whole hearts. Because, whether you are a brand new homeschool mama or you’re a family of six and you’ve been rocking the homeschool game for a decade, here’s what will root your family in this beautiful journey…

You need a community.

You need practical tools.

You need a curriculum you can believe in.


So… are you with us? Be ready on Instagram tomorrow as we reveal our first giveaway! (and it’s a biggie!)

(Until tomorrow… )

Happy Family-Togetherness!