Homeschool Classes

Are you a homeschool family looking for a place where you can enjoy nature, take fun classes, and simply be in community? We’ve got you covered!

Friday School

$125/month + $75 annual registration fee
Per child cost
Fridays, 8:15 AM – 3:00 PM.

Because community is everything and we want to offer the very best for you, we have restructured Friday classes to improve their flow and sense of community. Now organized into micro-classroom groupings that allow students the opportunity to work with a common group of peers and 1 instructor for a complete year, each child enrolled into Friday Enrichment will be assigned a Friday teacher within multi-age classroom (peers can be grouped together upon request).

Selecting the most popular activities offered on Fridays, students will cycle through cooking hour, gardening hour, farm chores, nature study, and art study each Friday under the umbrella of exciting monthly themes like Star Wars, Holidays, Marvel, and more!

Same times. Same price. New place.

Tuesday Co-Op

9 AM – 12:00 PM Tuesdays
Per family cost
$50/month + $75 annual registration fee + cost of curriculum & material contributions

Want to teach your children through our WonderHere Family-Style Curriculum while in community with others doing the same? Tuesday Co-Op is perfect for you! A small community of families will work together through the WonderHere Unit Studies full of high-interest science and history topics through hands-on activities and play. This co-op time includes project-time, literature reading, invitations to play and create, and more!

Afternoon Elective Courses 

Mondays-Thursdays, 12:30-3:00 PM
Per child cost
$65/month per single class OR $175/month for the Electives Bundle (all classes) + $25 registration fee per class

Something new is coming to the farm (with very limited space)… an opportunity for our homeschool families to attend afternoons at the WonderHere farm for electives and play/lunch. 12:30-3:00 PM. You can select to add on each day individually or bundle them and come for the whole week! Each specialty class will be taught by an expert in their field.

Tentative offerings: 
Monday – Robotics, Tuesday – Drama, Wednesday – Spanish, Thursday – Art


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Wilderness Workshops

Ages 5-9: 9AM – 10:30AM
Ages 10-14: 11AM – 12:30PM
$175 per six-week course
(per child cost)

Calling all wilderness lovers, and those who’d like to increase their survival knowledge! Join us for a six-week Wilderness Workshop on the WonderHere Farm. Taught by our highly qualified and experienced Farm Manager, Mrs. Karrie, this Workshop will teach your children the following skills and concepts:

Week 1: How to prepare for camping
Week 2: Open your eyes: plant & animal identification
Week 3: Setting up camp
Week 4: Fire starting and safety
Week 5: Knot tying
Week 6: Compass & map skills

Toddler Farm School

Mondays, 9:30AM – 10:30AM
Ages 1-4
$15 per class

Your littles are invited to Toddler Farm School! Enjoy story-time with goats and ducks, toddler-friendly nature activities, songs, and more! Each week will focus on the following concepts:

January 30th: What do goats eat?
February 6th: Why do hens lay eggs?
February 13th: Can a tortoise move fast?
February 27th: Why do ducks waddle?

Waiting List

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Homeschool Program FAQ’s

Q: What are the costs of the various homeschool programs

A: Friday School – $125/month + $75 annual registration fee

Tuesday Co-Op$50/month + $75 annual registration fee 

Afternoon Elective Courses – $65/month per single class OR $175/month for the Electives Bundle (all classes)

Wilderness Course – $175 per six weeks

Mommy & Me on the Farm – $15 per class or $55 for the 4 class bundle

Q: Is drop-off optional?

A: You must stay with your children for Tuesday Co-Op and Monday Mommy & Me classes, but Friday School and Afternoon Electives are drop-off. You are welcome to stay in our designated parent spaces or volunteer during these class times!

Q: Are parent volunteers welcome?

A: Absolutely! We love parent involvement!

Q: Are your classes religious in nature?

A: Our classes are not religious. We may offer a Bible-based electives every so often, but you would need to select them. We believe religion is best taught at home by parents!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Registration fees are non-refundable. To cancel your enrollment into a class, you must provide 2 weeks notice prior to a new payment due date. Cancellation must be submitted in writing and emailed to

Q: Do you allow sign ups mid-year?

A: If there is space, yes. Otherwise, you will be placed on our waiting list and contact on a first come first serve basis.

Q: Do you provide sibling discounts?

We do provide sibling discounts upon request.

Q: Are there any extra costs associated with the classes?

A: Just the registration fee and monthly payments! Tuesday Co-op will require extra minimal materials here and there (mostly household items).