Homeschool Programs

Are you a homeschool family looking for a place where you can enjoy nature, take fun classes, and simply be in community? We’ve got you covered!

Friday School

Friday School is designed with enrichment and community in mind! Each child enrolled into Friday School will be assigned a Friday teacher within a multi-age classroom. Students will participate in cooking class, gardening and farm animal care, nature study, project time, and 4H opportunities!

$200 a month*  |  Fridays, 8:30AM – 3PM  |  Drop Off

*$250 Registration Fee. Summer Bundle is discounted!

Tuesday Co-Op

Looking to do the WonderHere Family-Style Curriculum in a group with other like-minded families? Join the WonderHere Co-Op! Families will get to go curriculum activities together like projects, games, story time, free play, farm activities, and more!

Homeschooling is better in community, be a part of ours!

$30 a month*  |  Tuesdays, 9AM – 11PM  |  Not Drop Off

*$250 Registration Fee

Afternoon Elective Courses


These courses are perfect for children interested in learning very specific skills like language, art, theater, and more! See course offerings below!

$95 a month*  |  Weekday Afternoons, 1:15 – 3 PM  |  Drop Off

*$25 Registration Fee

Nature Workshops

Calling all nature lovers! Join us for Nature Workshops on the WonderHere Farm. Taught by our highly experienced Farm Manager, Mrs. Karrie (in collaboration with expert community professionals), these themed Workshops will teach your children about interacting with nature, animals, plants, gardening, wilderness skills, and so much more.

Toddler Farm School

(April & May – SOLD OUT)

Your littles are invited to Toddler Farm School! Enjoy story-time with animals, toddler-friendly nature activities, songs, and more. Toddler Farm School: Summer Edition will have your child learning about The 5 Senses in Farm Life (what do you see? Smell? Taste? Feel? Hear?), as well as Summer Days on the Farm (What can we do at the Beach today? How to have fun on a Rainy Day)

Click on your desired class date to learn more and sign up:

Waiting List

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Homeschool Program FAQ’s

Q: Is drop-off optional?

A: You must stay with your children for Tuesday Co-Op and Toddler Farm School, but Friday School, Afternoon Electives, and Nature Workshops are drop-off. You are welcome to stay and volunteer during these class times, please just communicate this to your child’s teacher.

Q: Are parent volunteers welcome?

A: Absolutely! We love parent involvement!

Q: Are your classes religious in nature?

A: Our classes are not religious. We may offer a Bible-based electives every so often, but you would need to select them. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Registration fees are non-refundable. To cancel your enrollment into a class, you must provide 2 weeks notice prior to a new payment due date. Cancellation must be submitted in writing and emailed to

Q: Do you allow sign ups mid-year?

A: If there is space, yes. Otherwise, you will be placed on our waiting list and contacted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q: Are there any extra costs associated with the classes?

A: Just the registration fee (for the select classes) and monthly payments! Tuesday Co-op will require extra minimal materials here and there (mostly household items).